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We reduce the effort and time it takes for companies to manage inventory with 3PL, Expense Report capture and Compliance Reporting

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Sunshine Act Reporting

Our Sunshine Act reporting solution is built for NetSuite platform. It integrates into the CMS NPI database so you don’t have to look for the information manually. The compliance report is auto-generated and ready to be transmitted to CMS automatically.

NetSuite Partner Support

We work with NetSuite implementation partners to help them provide a complete solution to their Life Sciences customers. Presenting a complete solution is critical to winning business and we can help.

3PL Integration

Our software provides ready integration into 3PL facilities. The 3PL bundle, upon installation, gives you ready integration into Cardinal Health, ABC and McKesson. Use this product to keep inventories in sync between 3PL and NetSuite, monitor inventory levels and movements in real time.

Custom NetSuite Development

We work with companies to help automate their processes by customizing the NetSuite platform to their operational needs. We also work with companies to adapt their existing software offering to NetSuite opening a new revenue stream.

Custom Development

Archer Insights, a NetSuite SDN partner, with reputation for building high-quality customizations is a goto company for custom development on the NetSuite platform.

  • Operational Automation: Customers who want more from their NetSuite investment call upon us to automate processes so they can spend their valuable employee time elsewhere, reduce errors and create auditability.
  • Suite Apps: If you are a company with software that can be sold into the NetSuite market place then we should talk. We help companies take their existing solutions into the NetSuite market. We can provide a complete turn key solution from development to the Suite App publishing process to keeping your suite app up to date with every new release of NetSuite.

NetSuite for Non-Profit

With clients such as the American Dental Association, Archer insights have completed complex NetSuite implementation for non-profits.

  • Our Mission: To be an advisor to the non-profits and help them instil auditable processes based on best practices in areas of contract management, purchasing, approval routing, grant management & fund accounting
  • Value Proposition: We have built a hybrid implementation process specifically for non-profits based on past success which guarantees on-time project success
  • Our Service: We seek to understand your business intimately to the level where we can document your process, train your new hires, resolve issues in 24hrs and do it at very competitive rates

Sunshine Act Compliance Reporting

Archer Insights provides compliance reporting solutions for Life Sciences industry. Our software removes the need for manual manipulation and validation of data. Archer Insights seeks to provide a complete end to end solution including submission of reports to the government.

  • Our Mission: To remove the burden of compliance reporting from companies and return their man hours back to be focused on the core revenue-generating activities.
  • Value Proposition: We have built compliance reporting functionalities into the ERP systems so our customers can get more from their ERP investments. This removes the need for any manual manipulation or the need to send data to a 3rd party.
  • Our Software: The Sunshine Act SuiteApp is an Open Payments Sunshine Act reporting software built for the NetSuite platform.
  • Our Service: We provide report generation services to companies that do not want to or have the capacity to manage it in-house. This is a complete turnkey solution including submission to the government agencies.
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